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One of the greatest parts about my job, besides working with the kids, is the learning that I get to do about Judaism. Last week I was absorbed in the organ donation issue, and this week I dabbled a little into stem cells. It's cool.

I'm beginning to look in to grad schools to get my Masters of Fine Arts, but at the same time I'm thinking... wouldn't it be cool to go to the JTS to be a rabbi, like I had originally planned 4 years ago?

I work with a woman who is always coming up with ideas to start organizations. Next, she wants to start a gallery. She wants me to show in it. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Running a gallery is a very time-consuming thing, I would assume. She works almost as much as I do, plus she is involved in an organization to revitalize Galveston.

I'm pretty random today.

I'm sorry I don't post here as much, but I mostly use this account to comment on other bloggers hehe


Mutant Scorpio

I looked at her, wearing boots with thin, sexy heels. And I think, you know what, I could wear those. In fact I do have boots with heels, not thin and sexy heels, but heels. I have nice shoes with heels that I almost wore. I know they are bad for your feet but I wanted to wear them so badly. But then I was afraid I would look like a poseur and/or be uncomfortable. And there she was, like an adult, with her nice skirt and heeled boots and sweater. And I am wearing jeans, naots, sweatshirt... no make-up, messy hair... like always. I can't be any different. I do try sometimes, but I am too frumpled.

I guess you could say there is no profession for me in my future where I would have to wear a business suit. I'm sure it would be lopsided. Like my eyes (my right eye is slightly more closed than the other, which sometimes makes me not want to do my hair in the morning - like how my right boob is more perky than the left, so I tighten the left bra strap more to make them even). I feel like that girl who is wearing thick socks under her nice skirt, and one of her socks is perpetually around her ankle.

But I did organize the caterer and set up the room and get all the supplies and everything went smoothly. There were about 12 participants and 9 of them were from my end. So that was successful.

And he comes to talk to me more than the other advisors. I wonder if I am more approachable or if it's all in my head, and I happen to be out of the room when he approaches the other advisors. Or something. It's not that he's some kind of mythic being that deserves special respect and admiration, like ooh he is paying attention to me kind of thing. It's just that, being the newbie, it makes me happy when somebody picks me first. When someone would rather come over to talk to me than to those other people. I don't feel like that often. It could help that he is also a newbie. But he is Israeli, so everyone goes up to him like he is special. I guess because he is foreign, interesting, new, and not only all of that but from Israel. (Many American Jews have an Israeli fetish - it's more than the accent)

If there's one thing I do miss about working in summer camps it's the international staff you meet. I like talking to people who don't live in the US. It's refreshing. Except when they start bashing everything about my country, and yelling at me like it's my fault despite the fact that I vote against pretty much everything they are having qualms with.

I know she doesn't like me, too. She and I are Scorpios but she is so different from me, I think. With her boots. I have boots, too, but I wear them differently when I do wear them. I always kind of fantasized about the boots the fantasy characters wear in the books. With the tight pants and the tunic.

Do I really wear them differently? Are we really that different? She's like the Scorpio who wears seductive clothing and bites you when you're not careful. And I'm like the Scorpio who is too distrustful to be seductive, but takes the friendly playful route (but may also bite you if you aren't careful and is quick to judgement). My friend once played me like she was giving me an expensive present so that I would buy her something with literally my last dollar. And I spent it. And she bought me soaps from the dollar store. She wasn't my friend anymore because she wasn't even joking and it literally was my last dollar. Serves me right.

Sometimes I want to be like her kind of Scorpio but I realize I can't be any different because I really am too frumpled and my eyes are more lopsided than most people's eyes and I have pimples and I have something of a belly.

I'm not a mutant, I swear.


32 verses of Torah

Is it awful that my cat pisses me off with her incessant whining? Is it awful that instead of enjoying her company, sometimes I just want her to shut up? I don't think this is awful because I felt this way about other animals who just won't shut the crap up. She just doesn't stop whining. All. The time. I'm trying to ignore her whining and only pay attention to her when she's quiet, but it's hard. I tried, when she whined particularly loud, to pick her up and play with her annoyingly in a way that I know she doesn't like so that she thinks that this is the way that I react to her bellowing. Didn't work.

Tonight she scratched me really hard because she wanted to play, but because I am sleepy and cranky I kind of got pissed off. And my reaction was to calmly sit down, restrain her, and clip her toenails. I clipped almost all of the nails on her front toes and she was pretty still throughout it all, and then I let her go.

I guess that's a good reaction to that situation. I felt satisfied anyway. Becuase next time she scratches at me to play, it won't hurt, and I won't get pissed off.

Now she doesn't really want anything to do with me and that's okay for tonight. I kind of want my space. Tomorrow is another day.

I spent a lot of time at work doing things I should have waited until tomorrow to do. But I'm the kind of person who puts off for tomorrow what could be done today, and these things had been put off so many times for work that I just sat down and did them already. But now I feel guilty. So I'll probably be going in tomorrow for work. Damnitoll.

Not that anyone cares, as long as something gets done.

I'm reading 32 verses of Torah for a teen retreat that I am staffing in 6 weeks.

Thanksgiving vacation was good, but I am glad to be back in sunny warm Houston. I played Mahj tonight, hung out with the girls that I kind of know but still don't know that well, and watched taped Lost. I kind of like that show because it's getting predictable in its unpredictableness. I totalled called what happened between Sawyer and Kate, which was completely uncallable from the information they gave you in the trailer. But I called it. Because it was outlandish.

I'm not afraid to read the 32 verses, but I've never had more than 12 at a time. Luckily I have six weeks to learn them. Unluckily, I know I will wait until the week before and they will be craptacular.

But I really need for them to be good because until now everyone has only heard of my mysterious Torah-reading abilities. I put it on my resume. So it has to be good.

My cat is amusing herself and staying relatively quiet so I'm going to bed.




Good night, y'all.

Random snipplets of my life:

- tonight I made 5 fingers and 25 eyes out of copper wire. And three paperclips [that are being used as paperclips and will be distributed as paperclips - ah my art reaches the masses] and a little wire cat. out of copper wire.

- I'm obsessed with a 30sec movie called "Rock Deception" made by 6th graders that no longer exists to the world but in my head.

- I was offered a free cat today.

- My bedtime ritual makes me want to go to bed about as much as my wake-up ritual makes me want to wake up.

- I'm playing softball on Thursday for "Crude Intentions" but I've never played in my life and I don't know how to play catch.

- RenFest on Saturday with people I only know through my boyfriend, except my boyfriend won't be there.

- I discovered riding around in golf carts at midnight is one of the most fun things to do sober.

- I went to the hospital for the first time since my brother was born. I saw a man with blood all over himself, bleeding from the head. I saw people hooked up to machines. I heard lots of rhythmic beeping. I was freaked out.

- My new obsession is polaroid photos.

- I hate wearing a stud in my nose because sometimes it feels like there's a booger in there but really it's just the back of the stud tickling my nostril. I hate it. I'm going to change to a hoop for when I go home for a week.

- I'm looking forward to being at home only slightly more than I am looking forward to doing my bedtime ritual. The only plus is that I get to see my friends, but that's only if they actually keep their plans with me. Part of the reason I'm dreading going home is that I'm dreading making plans with people who flake out on me when I only have 2 days to see everyone.

- I haven't done as much art work as I would have liked to have done at this point.

- I haven't been to as many gallery openings as I would have liked to at this point.

- I'm not homesick anymore, but I still feel lonely here.

- At least I'm not the only one who gets ridiculously annoyed at []. But luckily my irritation was confirmed, my fears were validated, and I can move on with my life without feeling like I'm overreacting.

Good night y'all.


Nov 9

Happy Birthday to me :)