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In which I present my regularly returning rambles

So here is the print that I made from the sketch below.

The picture is crappy because I don't have good lighting (I took the photo at night in my dining room). It's a two-color reduction print. I did it so that I can still make prints off of the leftover linoleum and it will just be the dark brown you see here - although I am thinking of going into it more to make the lines at the bottom more delicate like the ones in the middle.

So here's what's up. I found an apt, put down a deposit, and am working out the lease right now with my future roommate. It's a 2br place with lots and lots of space, the people downstairs are creative (MFA in creative writing and photographer!). They have a pug and a cat. There is enough room for a study/pig room (if she doesn't mind my guinea pigs in the computer room), livingroom, and dining room, plus each of us would get our own spacious bedroom.

I'm just a little stressed out. I have under two weeks to see ALL my friends before I go and a lot of them aren't responding. Hopefully I'll get to see them or else I will be on my way without saying good-bye. It makes me sad in a weird way. Trying to hang out with people for the last time makes me realize who my real friends have been this whole time - I mean, you can only stress to people so many times that you are leaving in... a month, three weeks, now two weeks... I mean, come on, make some time, right?

Well, I am a drifter, I don't really have a problem with moving around and making new friends. Going to summer camp really prepares you for that, because rarely do you have the same friends every summer. You cry at the end and promise you'll write, but never do, and make new friends. Does that get more difficult when you get older or is it always like that? Maybe it's always like that. Except a few friends do follow you where you go and understand your quirks.

By the way.

I'm lucky that my boyfriend puts up with my quirkiness - dare I say he likes the silliness that I can't help but radiate from my cocked-eyed brain? I don't know. I'll have to ask.

Oh my Gd. Houston mosquitoes are vicious. I have so many bites and they hurt SO MUCH. One is the size of a quarter. Now that's sexy. Mosquito bites. I hope they're sexy because I have a feeling I will be getting a lot more of them. OHhhhhh baby.

PS If you want to see more Hebrew blogs they will come eventually when I have the time to sit down with the dictionary.


I.O.U Puritan TV

Oh man, I think I'm sick of the internet. I wasn't sure this day would ever come but I think it's here. It was better when I could watch tv at work, too, but now all I do is play on the internet. I mean, I have to sit at the desk, and I don't mind getting paid to do nothing, but at the same time I AM BORED.... of the internet.

Also, I am in serious need of some chocolate and there isn't any available since I have no cash moneys and all there is around here is a vending machine. If I were staying here longer I'd start one of those things where everyone pays a certain amount per week and you can just take junk food. Although I don't know who would be in for that. There are only 5 of us anyway. But man. (Vending machines should take IOUs)

Dear Homer I.O.U one donut Signed Homer
That's what it would be like for me.
Dear Tzipi, I.O.U one Snickers Signed Tzipi

Always one step ahead of me.

I also feel kind of like a dumbass because I don't really know how to do my job when the job-doing time comes. I'm a transplant from Master Control (doesn't that sound neat?) that they put in the office. I'm lost. Fax machine who? Telephone what? You mean I actually have to be polite to people?

But at least in Master Control I got satellite TV. Now I have campus cable, which I don't understand and doesn't have all my channels and doesn't have a menu so I don't know where the channels are that they do have. It's like we're pilgrims living in the backwards days of no technology. Pilgrim television. All Puritan, all the time.


I like art that is scary.

Getting into an argument about Jewish conversion online = enough stressful pc tip-toeing to make me a freakin ballerina. I mean I almost was a ballerina - I wanted to be, but I'm just not flexible enough and I wasn't willing to ruin my feet for a few years of dancing on my toes. Instead I ruined my hands with years of piano and art and gripping the pen too hard when I write. Oh, and cracking my knuckles. And tearing/biting my nails. Wow, I am a beautiful person with lots of lovely habits.

I think the problem I have with writing blogs is that I can never stay on one point because something always reminds me of something else.

Random: I really want to make buttons. You know, where you draw on a circle piece of paper and stamp it between plastic and a metal back with a pin on it? Those buttons. I'm trying to think of a good excuse to buy a button-maker and make buttons. Do you think I could sell them? But what buttons would I make ? Political statement buttons? Artsy buttons? I could do a whole bunch of really tiny linocuts and put them into buttons and have wearable prints! That might be cool. Especially with my trend recently of using the inner body as inspiration for prints.

Like this drawing (later turned into a print, which I can post here once I take a picture of it), which was inspired by the pulmonary system:

I should do more of those. I could do some of the heart, make them heart shaped, and put them on buttons.

I really should take a picture of that print because I like it a lot. Really, I should just do some editions of it already and try to sell some.

It's funny how movements go. I wasn't the only person using the inner body for inspiration. I was kind of inspired to do it by a girl who does a lot of work about cells. This one dude did a gigantic sculpture that looked like hemoglobin. It was neat. So that was one movement that was going on in my art school that I wish I could have delved into more while I was there, bouncing ideas off of the other people who were involved. But I guess in a way it's good to be inspired and then just move off in your own direction. Like, Abstract Expressionism all started to look the same (except De Kooning is the best of the best, you can't deny, and my boyfriend bought for me a gigantic poster of Woman 1 to put up in my new apartment).

Yes, I like art that is scary.

I wonder what my new roommate is going to think. Gigantic scary woman, Balkan Beat Box (the new addition to my iPod) streaming out of my room, and three little guinea piggies squeaking up a storm. Not to mention that even though she is veggie, I'll have my own dishes and pots and pans. I'm a freeeaak.

I accidentally sent the Hebrew school person an email on Shavuot. The problem was that I had to work on Shavuot because I'd run out of times to take off, so I basically forgot about it. Until after I sent it. Then I was like... oh well... it's done. Way to make a good impression. They haven't even sent me a contract yet, although I have gotten a bunch of emails from all my multiple bosses telling me that I got the job.......... ahh, I don't want to show up in TX and find out that they changed their mind!

In conclusion, I'd like to make buttons, but I'd like to make them even more if I were employed with people who would also excuse my Shavuot slip-up.



I'm bouncing back and forth between here and xanga; I can't decide which is better. I started a Hebrew journal at xanga a long time ago, which switched to an art journal, which switched to a nothing journal of randomness (or a random journal of nothingness). One thing I don't like about xanga is you have to buy it in order to do any kind of customization, including adding links on the side to blogs that do not belong to xanga. Same with livejournal, but lj is like $5/2mo or something cheap like that.

I've been talking to my dad more lately. It seems as though he wanted to be good friends with me in high school but never figured out how to talk to me, and until I really started trying to talk to him the only thing we said back and forth were quotes from the Simpsons. Which is a fine show, but seriously, how long can you quote it? Years? Because it's been years. Well, Simpsons along with Seinfeld and Monty Python. We're all nerds, you see.

So I guess it's good that we kind of have a good relationship now that I'll be home for the next month. In a month I'll be moving to Texas. This is scary.

I'm used to being surrounded by Republicans and fundamentalist Christians, so that's not the problem (not to say all Texans are like that, or whatever, but if I do encounter a good number of them I am prepared). I was still somewhat proud of my state and its history. But I was in a Democratic state so I felt like this was the minority and just happened to be the people I made friends with. I'm not sure I can be proud of Texas. I can't decide. I'm sure it's a fine place to live but I'm not sure I'm ready for the heaviness that is Southern History, especially Texas, which not only has a heavy "distant" past, but recent past and current affairs.

I'm a little afraid of Texas, I'll have to admit. Not Texans, but Texas. Its hugeamosity, its SUVs, its meat-obsession (although I love to eat meat occassionaly, it makes me sick to my stomach to see a gigantic grill with like 600 freaking pounds of flesh burning), its history, its present, its political spawn, its insects, etc.

Oh I love insects - it's the arachnids, really, that scare the crap out of me. And most arachnids are fine, even Black Widows are kind of cool, but those Recluse Spiders really scare the CRAP out of me!

Anyway. Texas. I'm going there. Yeehaw. (I'll probably write more about this later)


יום יפה

הלכתי אם כלבים שלי היום מפני שמזג האוויר היה יפה - היום יום הראשון שזה כמו הזה בסוף השבועה בהרבה זמן. באמת זה חם אבל זה בסדר לי - אגור בטקסס בשיש שבועים אז אני חושבת שאולי אני אאהב את זה בסוף



My hebrew skills are abysmal today.

מה חדש

גמרתי אוניוורסיטה ועכשיו אני ילדה גדולה. העברית שלי רע עכשיו מפני שאין לי יותר שיעורים... זה עצוב אבל מה אני יכולה לעשות? אלך לטקסס אחרי שישים שבועים ואני לא יודעת איך אוכל לנשוע את זה חוץ מהשיחות בניני ואילן ופה, אבל רואים שאני לא עשיתי את זה הרבה