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I like art that is scary.

Getting into an argument about Jewish conversion online = enough stressful pc tip-toeing to make me a freakin ballerina. I mean I almost was a ballerina - I wanted to be, but I'm just not flexible enough and I wasn't willing to ruin my feet for a few years of dancing on my toes. Instead I ruined my hands with years of piano and art and gripping the pen too hard when I write. Oh, and cracking my knuckles. And tearing/biting my nails. Wow, I am a beautiful person with lots of lovely habits.

I think the problem I have with writing blogs is that I can never stay on one point because something always reminds me of something else.

Random: I really want to make buttons. You know, where you draw on a circle piece of paper and stamp it between plastic and a metal back with a pin on it? Those buttons. I'm trying to think of a good excuse to buy a button-maker and make buttons. Do you think I could sell them? But what buttons would I make ? Political statement buttons? Artsy buttons? I could do a whole bunch of really tiny linocuts and put them into buttons and have wearable prints! That might be cool. Especially with my trend recently of using the inner body as inspiration for prints.

Like this drawing (later turned into a print, which I can post here once I take a picture of it), which was inspired by the pulmonary system:

I should do more of those. I could do some of the heart, make them heart shaped, and put them on buttons.

I really should take a picture of that print because I like it a lot. Really, I should just do some editions of it already and try to sell some.

It's funny how movements go. I wasn't the only person using the inner body for inspiration. I was kind of inspired to do it by a girl who does a lot of work about cells. This one dude did a gigantic sculpture that looked like hemoglobin. It was neat. So that was one movement that was going on in my art school that I wish I could have delved into more while I was there, bouncing ideas off of the other people who were involved. But I guess in a way it's good to be inspired and then just move off in your own direction. Like, Abstract Expressionism all started to look the same (except De Kooning is the best of the best, you can't deny, and my boyfriend bought for me a gigantic poster of Woman 1 to put up in my new apartment).

Yes, I like art that is scary.

I wonder what my new roommate is going to think. Gigantic scary woman, Balkan Beat Box (the new addition to my iPod) streaming out of my room, and three little guinea piggies squeaking up a storm. Not to mention that even though she is veggie, I'll have my own dishes and pots and pans. I'm a freeeaak.

I accidentally sent the Hebrew school person an email on Shavuot. The problem was that I had to work on Shavuot because I'd run out of times to take off, so I basically forgot about it. Until after I sent it. Then I was like... oh well... it's done. Way to make a good impression. They haven't even sent me a contract yet, although I have gotten a bunch of emails from all my multiple bosses telling me that I got the job.......... ahh, I don't want to show up in TX and find out that they changed their mind!

In conclusion, I'd like to make buttons, but I'd like to make them even more if I were employed with people who would also excuse my Shavuot slip-up.


At 1:20 AM, Blogger Aaron said...

Isn't it wierd that technology has allowed the orthodox another way for catching the less observant breaking jewish law? I wonder if some rabbis are secretly alcoholic detectives like the guy in roger rabbit, checking what time every email arrives, marking off people on his list to kill like some evil santa.

just believe. i linked to my site 2.

At 7:15 AM, Blogger Karl said...

Your artwork is so cool its been ages since I've done anything myself. Can you post any more?
Aaron: do you have something to hide? if u think something is wrong, don't do it.
Tzipi: you do what ever you want, no one is looking over your shoulder to catch you out. Your hebrew blogs are great - lets me practice my hebrew skills as well, keep 'em coming!


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