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In which I present my regularly returning rambles

So here is the print that I made from the sketch below.

The picture is crappy because I don't have good lighting (I took the photo at night in my dining room). It's a two-color reduction print. I did it so that I can still make prints off of the leftover linoleum and it will just be the dark brown you see here - although I am thinking of going into it more to make the lines at the bottom more delicate like the ones in the middle.

So here's what's up. I found an apt, put down a deposit, and am working out the lease right now with my future roommate. It's a 2br place with lots and lots of space, the people downstairs are creative (MFA in creative writing and photographer!). They have a pug and a cat. There is enough room for a study/pig room (if she doesn't mind my guinea pigs in the computer room), livingroom, and dining room, plus each of us would get our own spacious bedroom.

I'm just a little stressed out. I have under two weeks to see ALL my friends before I go and a lot of them aren't responding. Hopefully I'll get to see them or else I will be on my way without saying good-bye. It makes me sad in a weird way. Trying to hang out with people for the last time makes me realize who my real friends have been this whole time - I mean, you can only stress to people so many times that you are leaving in... a month, three weeks, now two weeks... I mean, come on, make some time, right?

Well, I am a drifter, I don't really have a problem with moving around and making new friends. Going to summer camp really prepares you for that, because rarely do you have the same friends every summer. You cry at the end and promise you'll write, but never do, and make new friends. Does that get more difficult when you get older or is it always like that? Maybe it's always like that. Except a few friends do follow you where you go and understand your quirks.

By the way.

I'm lucky that my boyfriend puts up with my quirkiness - dare I say he likes the silliness that I can't help but radiate from my cocked-eyed brain? I don't know. I'll have to ask.

Oh my Gd. Houston mosquitoes are vicious. I have so many bites and they hurt SO MUCH. One is the size of a quarter. Now that's sexy. Mosquito bites. I hope they're sexy because I have a feeling I will be getting a lot more of them. OHhhhhh baby.

PS If you want to see more Hebrew blogs they will come eventually when I have the time to sit down with the dictionary.


At 8:45 AM, Blogger Aaron said...

tzippers-camp rocks. you can always tell which of your friends went and which did not. so is that the same piece as before? italy rocks. im train-lagged, traveling to the boot pretty soon. shabbat shalom

At 8:51 AM, Blogger tzipi said...

it's the same piece, but the actual print and not the sketch

shabbat shalom! get some sleep haha :)


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