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I.O.U Puritan TV

Oh man, I think I'm sick of the internet. I wasn't sure this day would ever come but I think it's here. It was better when I could watch tv at work, too, but now all I do is play on the internet. I mean, I have to sit at the desk, and I don't mind getting paid to do nothing, but at the same time I AM BORED.... of the internet.

Also, I am in serious need of some chocolate and there isn't any available since I have no cash moneys and all there is around here is a vending machine. If I were staying here longer I'd start one of those things where everyone pays a certain amount per week and you can just take junk food. Although I don't know who would be in for that. There are only 5 of us anyway. But man. (Vending machines should take IOUs)

Dear Homer I.O.U one donut Signed Homer
That's what it would be like for me.
Dear Tzipi, I.O.U one Snickers Signed Tzipi

Always one step ahead of me.

I also feel kind of like a dumbass because I don't really know how to do my job when the job-doing time comes. I'm a transplant from Master Control (doesn't that sound neat?) that they put in the office. I'm lost. Fax machine who? Telephone what? You mean I actually have to be polite to people?

But at least in Master Control I got satellite TV. Now I have campus cable, which I don't understand and doesn't have all my channels and doesn't have a menu so I don't know where the channels are that they do have. It's like we're pilgrims living in the backwards days of no technology. Pilgrim television. All Puritan, all the time.


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