it's the bread of astronauts!


Apartment Happiness

It's late but I just wanted to say how excited I am that I am setting up an actual (semi) studio in my bedroom!

I actually did those four prints today and now I have to go buy new paper so I can make more prints of old blocks. I should get cheaper paper until I get a handle on doing prints by hand, because as you might be able to see I messed up at least 2 if not 3 of the four prints I did. (The only good one is the one to the left on top)

The drafting table was purchased yesterday for $40 and it has a perfect surface for printmaking because the ink just wipes clean off. I use waterbased ink outside the studio because I don't want to deal with the chemicals used to clean oil ink. Plus, if you know me, you'll know I am a completely accident-prone person, and with water-base ink at least I know that if I spill on myself it will come out in the wash. Also the metal sides are perfect for paper-tearing. I am super-happy with it.

Now here's a gratuitous shot of my new bookcase, of which I am also very proud.

I just like it. I don't know if it's appropriate for the little pot to be sitting on top of the siddur, but it looks so nice like that. It keeps it from... blowing away... in the wind.

And you can see on my desk a framed photo of my wonderful boyfriend, who has calmly put up with me mooching off his cable tv and couch-ful-ness until our apartment is furnished. And my iPod.

The rest of my room is a mess right now and my bed is in a stupid place, so it won't be pictured here.

Now I'm violated because lots of internet people (whoever reads my blog... haha) have seen the inside of my bedroom.


The Eagle Has Landed

I'm here in my apartment setting stuff up. Woo Tehas. It's been raining pretty much on and off every day and will continue to do so until Hurricane Emily dissapates.

I'm excited to start working, to start getting paid, so I can set up a printmaking studio area in my bedroom.

Tonight we're going to Shabbat dinner at someone else's house. My first Shabbat invite in Houston! I met her randomly when I went Israeli dancing last night (at the invitation of a-potential-roommate-that-didn't-work-out). She's also going to give me a bed - forever or for borrow, it's not clear yet, but a BED nonetheless. I hate sleeping on air mattresses. I wake up more exhausted than when I went to sleep. Right now all I have is an air mattress, a desk, and a folding table for my TV.

My room is a mess. Clothes lying everywhere. I need hangers.


LAST Shabbat at home

Now this is crazy. This is my last Shabbat in my parents' house. I mean all through college I came home for Shabbat because it was important for me to see my family. I guess I kind of knew that one day I was going to move somewhere crazy and I wanted to see them before I left. And then, since last September or so, when I made the decision to move to Texas, nothing has kept me away from Shabbat dinners besides my trips to Texas to be with my boyfriend.

My boyfriend and I have decided that when I get to Texas we are going to try to be relatively shomer Shabbas. Like, he used to be all-out shomer when he was growing up (except for the TV that they left on in the basement). I was not-at-all shomer growing up, except that I didn't have to practice piano or do homework on Saturdays. Well, I guess in a way I was shomer, because all we did was go to shul, come home, take naps, and read. We switched on the lights and stuff, but we didn't go out for our weekly dinner-and-movie until after it got dark. (hahaha)

So I guess we'll be going back to that moderate observance. Lights and sometimes TV - but only the important shows :P (I mean, come on, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!! Season 2 starts July 15 - I'm practically peeing my pants in excitement). I want to have a Shabbat dinner together every Friday night, then shul, and shul on Saturday, and sleeping away Saturday afternoon. That's my plan.

I know a lot of people would read it and find it pathetic, my observance, but you know what... I'm adding a little bit at a time. June 9, 2004 I started keeping kosher for the first time in my life. Now I want to recognize Shabbat at least a little bit more than I have been, and maybe one day I will really be shomer. I'm riding the more-observant train. Next thing is to start going to shul again. It helps that it'll be part of my job to go just to encourage the kids to go, but you know, there's a difference between going to shul and actually being there.


Your face is rude.

I hate it that the president starts so many things with "listen." Like, today, "Listen, the United States, for national security reasons and economic security, needs to diversify away from fossil fuels." (Reuters) It just bugs me. It's so rude and definitely not classy or dignified. I mean, I know he's trying to be the president of the people or whatever. I'm just saying. I find it rude.