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LAST Shabbat at home

Now this is crazy. This is my last Shabbat in my parents' house. I mean all through college I came home for Shabbat because it was important for me to see my family. I guess I kind of knew that one day I was going to move somewhere crazy and I wanted to see them before I left. And then, since last September or so, when I made the decision to move to Texas, nothing has kept me away from Shabbat dinners besides my trips to Texas to be with my boyfriend.

My boyfriend and I have decided that when I get to Texas we are going to try to be relatively shomer Shabbas. Like, he used to be all-out shomer when he was growing up (except for the TV that they left on in the basement). I was not-at-all shomer growing up, except that I didn't have to practice piano or do homework on Saturdays. Well, I guess in a way I was shomer, because all we did was go to shul, come home, take naps, and read. We switched on the lights and stuff, but we didn't go out for our weekly dinner-and-movie until after it got dark. (hahaha)

So I guess we'll be going back to that moderate observance. Lights and sometimes TV - but only the important shows :P (I mean, come on, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!! Season 2 starts July 15 - I'm practically peeing my pants in excitement). I want to have a Shabbat dinner together every Friday night, then shul, and shul on Saturday, and sleeping away Saturday afternoon. That's my plan.

I know a lot of people would read it and find it pathetic, my observance, but you know what... I'm adding a little bit at a time. June 9, 2004 I started keeping kosher for the first time in my life. Now I want to recognize Shabbat at least a little bit more than I have been, and maybe one day I will really be shomer. I'm riding the more-observant train. Next thing is to start going to shul again. It helps that it'll be part of my job to go just to encourage the kids to go, but you know, there's a difference between going to shul and actually being there.


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