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Good news, everyone!

I'm going to be making more money soon! Or, possibly. Let's backtrack.

I had designs to redo the youth group webpage ever since I saw what the previous person had done. It was just blinky and scrolly and the photos weren't organized. But it won Best Webpage in the region award... So that tells me that either it was the only website in the region or nobody had any photos up in an even semi-organized way. Anyhoo, I'd been making pretend designs over the summer so when I got here I had one ready in two weeks. It's the most basic site ever and I *gasp* used frames... now I can go back and take the frames out because I figured out how to substitute them, but that's not the point.

A simple website that I did in two weeks. I sent it to the rabbi who is in charge of the youth stuff and he sent it to the other rabbis, who sent it around and around and around and soon everyone who is anyone at the shul has seen it.

So today at what will become the first of my biweekly meetings with said rabbi, I was offered the additional job of working on the shul's official website. I don't think I've mentioned this in the past, but it is the largest Conservative shul in the country, second largest on the continent (I think there's one in Toronto that wins the largest), but they don't have a webmaster. So now I get to do it! And they're going to pay me extra, too!

I'm already thinking of what kinds of things I'm going to do to it... like put in a real calendar, make it look professional, get rid of the rainbow that's in their logo (my boyfriend thought it was the synagogue for the gay and lesbian community, no joke). I'm trying to think of what a good rate would be for them to pay me... like, I'm not exactly professional, but I kind of know what I'm doing. So I figure $30-35/hour is a good rate for a web designer and I'll be working 5-6 hours/week. That's what my web designer friend said would bea good rate, anyway. He said professional free-lancers work for about $60/hour and he gets paid $20/hour because he is a full-time employee. But I'm already full-time doing four other jobs. I hope it's a fair amount.

And if I work for $30-35/hour for 6 hours/week, I could save up a pretty penny by investing. I'm also going to be deducting about $500 from my paycheck every month. All of this to save for ...


I'm so excited. Really. Because if I save enough money, I could live my dream of going to school and not working. At all. Living completely off of savings - possibly working, at the most, 10-15 hours a week to pay for fun expenses like bar outings, etc. I could take a year off and go to Israel and then go to grad school. I could go traveling. I could do so many things because I'd actually have quite a lot of money saved up.

But the idea that I could actually save up money and go to grad school and not work full time so I can focus on art... I just don't know how to put into words how excited I am. Because in undergrad I couldn't focus as much, due to me working 20 hours a week.

I'm like flipping out I'm so excited. Hopefully I won't be stressed out of my mind. But I guess, if I am stressed out of my mind, I can see it as payback for not being so stressed during college and hopefully having a low-stress professional life. I want to be an art professor, by the way. It's the life. The poor life, yes, but the life.

--- another note

I found out today, although I feel like I've heard it before, but if you marry someone you met on Birthright, the guy who is in charge of all the Birthright funds would pay for your honeymoon. I met my boyfriend on Birthright and we've been together for almost 3 years. My friend who told me about it said we should get married just for the 2nd free trip to Israel :-P


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