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Makes my head implode a little

I went to this seminar thing today and by the last hour I was making weird doodles on the back of one of the sheets that was passed out. Since I didn't want to keep doodling on that sheet, I started right away in my sketchbook as soon as I got home and came up with this after about an hour and some (I was also on the phone, so multi-tasking means less work completed in the same amount of time). It's on a sheet of paper that's bigger than 8x11.5 ... I'd say maybe 10 x 14?

In any case it's larger than it looks in the picture, but because it's just a doodle I didn't want to make it so big. And the picture quality is craptacular because I took it in dim light and upped the contrast in 'shop.

The seminar was interesting, don't get me wrong, it's just that I'd been at work for 44 hours since Sunday by that point (both Tues and Wed were twelve-hours-at-the-office days and I worked on my day off) and was getting kind of sick of ... you know... being awake.

Yay goopy blobs with blobs inside of them.

I'm thinking of turning them down in terms of working on the shul's website. They have truly lofty goals that I could not hope to achieve in 6 hours a week after already working 4 jobs (for them, remember, I already have four different positions in the shul).

Oh, so I started putting together my packets for the high school class and I realize I'm putting way too much work into something that these kids are not going to look at. I made three pages in Publisher that look like they are from a textbook, but really I just copied and pasted material from websites in - I cited my sources and even had a bibliography, so nyeh.

OH! And you'll never guess what. Drew from let me use a few of his cartoons in it. I can't believe it took me so long to find his cartoons again. I remember obsessively reading them probably around 2 or 3 years ago, but then he moved them all. They used to just be in a random directory on some website, completely disorganized, just a list of files. They cracked me up. Like this cartoons make my eyes cross and my head implode a little from confusion and hilarity.

Anyway. I was excited. Not that these kids will care. I bet they won't even get it.

I set up a message board for my youth group to communicate through the website and some of the kids didn't know what a message board was. But the funnier part about the story was when another one of the kids explained it, she described it as something like an AIM conversation, except it stays up forever.


I was like, back in the old days before AIM was big, that's how people talked online (besides chatrooms). I remember those days... RPing Wheel of Time fanfic on the net by message board. Wow, I'm a superdork. They told me I was dating myself. I'm freaking 6 years older than these kids and I'm dating myself? My boyfriend has this theory that because of technology, age differences are getting bigger. Like six years ago, the internet was a very different place than it is now, wasn't it?

On another note I am thinking of taking a jewelry making class on Monday nights. I think that would be neat.


At 12:02 AM, Blogger Aaron said...

i dont think it was that different. i think they might be faster at picking trends, like this farkakt myspace idea, which totally blows my mind. its like creating this better version of yourself, and letting web page interact with web of the fine advances of the internet? hell no...

At 10:42 PM, Blogger tzipi said...

myspace is just like friendster and facebook and stuff. i joined facebook and was like... now what? it's not like blogging at all, just a crappy site so you can add your friends and feel popular.

At 11:40 PM, Blogger Aaron said...

my roomates on myspace, my boss is on my space. its just a race to see who can get more friends who are pornstars.


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