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My feminist artmind is lacking.

Ever since last Thursday night I've been having personal issues with Houston. And I'm realizing, the "honeymoon" stage is wearing off and now I'm trying to get settled in... I'm getting that post-move depression again. I remember it from my sophomore year in college when I moved and didn't know anyone and felt like a loser. I'm bad about introducing myself. We went to a gallery opening yesterday and I wanted to go up to people and say hello, but I am so painfully afraid. I almost wasn't able to go into the show, I was so nervous of being judged. Like, maybe I'm not artsy enough (I know it's assinine but I can't help my self-esteem issues).

I'm going to try to be productive, though. It's different in this instance because I know so many people but I have no real friends outside of my boyfriend's friends and my roommate. She's also having similar issues but we are rarely home at the same time (we're both out trying to make friends). So I need to do productive things to further my personal goals, not just to further the goals of the synagogue, my youth group, etc. I want to do some art stuff. Really, I do!

Okay, this is my next project. I want to submit something for a feminist art show. I want to do a print or a painting like the one I did on the pulmonary system, this time for an ovary, or a testicle, or both at the same time (or in two separate works juxtaposed). I need to come up with a statement. My feminist artmind is lacking. Do I need to make a shocking statement about the state of women today? What is feminist art in the 21st century? I have to write an essay about the work in order for it to be considered and I just don't know if I'll have anything to say. I have until Sept 19 to make and submit it.

On another note.
I want to volunteer at an animal shelter - but a no-kill shelter. There are pros and cons to it, though. Pros are that I'll get to play with cats and dogs, which might satiate my desire to own one. Cons are that I might end up taking one or two or four home with me.


At 1:58 PM, Blogger Aaron said...

Modest Mouse, Aphex twin, the Postal Service, Wilco, Bloc Party, the lovemakers, olivia tremor control, the sea and the cake, Sufjan Stevens, the walkmen, the books.


try pretending you're traveling through houston for 3 days and looking for fun stuff to do. locals love telling people what they're interested in and what they like. everyone does. go in with that attitude and you won't lose. check out my blog tzippers.


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