it's the bread of astronauts!


So... I lied! At the last minute we freaked out and ran. We only ran 65 miles away, though, to my boyfriend's advisor's ranch. It was a really pretty place, about 7 acres of untamed wildlife with a random pond full of catfish and armadillos. We spent an uneventful, non-hurricane-ful weekend there and then came home this afternoon.

I'll do a full write-up later. Just wanted to check in to all my blogs n stuff.


Hurricane Rita

To answer Aaron's question... I'm staying in town for the storm. I'm not terribly excited about it, but there is no real way for us to get out of here and we will most likely be all right. It's not like we live in Galveston or anything; we are not in an evacuation zone. The roads are seriously clogged and we have nowhere to go aside from Austin or Dallas... it's just not an option right now.


Just letting everyone know. We'll have internet until the power goes out Friday night or Saturday (when the storm is supposed to make landfall). I'll possibly update more later.


Look at that dude's car!

Tonight I saw a man who was living in his car. I didn't realize that, and I remarked on the fact that half of the front of his bumper was filled in with packaging tape. I thought it was kind of funny just in the way that tape is always kind of funny on a car (I knew someone who duct-taped his bumper on, he knew it was funny but what can you do).

This man had parked in the middle of the parking lot at the super market. I said it kind of loudly because I didn't realize he was sleeping in there. Now I feel really bad.

Where I live is a pretty well-off neighborhood and I don't really think about people living in their cars. I feel sheltered because I forget about these things in the struggle of putting together various events. I was at the grocery store to buy stuff for the event I am putting together somehow tomorrow. And thinking of that made me go... "look at that dude's car! It's halfway filled up with tape!" Except it wasn't just his car; it was his house. And I am an ass.


It doesn't make up for gross inaction

Swirling news. I got a new kitten. I named her Lilly. Tomorrow is our first vet appointment - this is a big deal for me because I've never been to the vet by myself for my own animal. I always go for my parents' animals with my parents (I'm the designated puppy-wrangler, because I'm pretty much the only person in my family who can keep the dogs under control in the car).

Super exciting. That's her on the right. I've been showing her off to everyone and everyone tells me how cute she is... she is going to be one vain kitty. She already stares at herself in the mirror - which is weird, because I though that cats couldn't see their reflections.

That photo was taken by my roommate's boyfriend with his fancy schmancy digital camera. I cropped it, though, so it is nicely framed, because originally it was a huge image that had my nasty ogly eyes in it. But you can also see my neat livingroom surrounding the kitten. As well as my laptop, dvd remote, and super-trendy target glass.

So what's been up? I'm in Houston, so I have somewhat of an obligation to do more than the usual volunteering and stuff for the people affected by Katrina. It's not a bad obligation. It kind of feels like the obligation I feel towards keeping kosher. I want to do it/I have to do it, it kind of blurs into one big mitzvah-mush. It's a weird feeling. So I'm donating money and food, volunteering to sort out clothes, making "personal hygiene bags," as well as volunteering time to serve food at one of the shelters. I'm not one of the amazing ones. I went to a training session yesterday at this huge Baptist church, and they said that in the past three days they'd trained over 17,000 people, not including the people that were in the building at that moment (probably another couple hundred or more). I haven't donated the money or food yet, though, so whatever. It's on my list. Those people aren't going anywhere for many months.

I've heard random people tell me that people outside of Texas think that we aren't doing enough. That really pisses me and everyone who hears that shit off. It's like, why don't you get your ass down here and do more than donate money and forget about it? Stop whining and actually volunteer your time while working a full time job on the side. Pshh.

Everyone I know is doing everything they can, even high school kids who are over-committed with their time as it is. The schools are taking in all the kids for free, synagogues and churches are opening their arms in aid in every way, people are giving their homes, people are paying rent and deposits for apartments... A lot of people around here have very little to give, but they are giving what they can.

I also feel somewhat obligated to help due to my response to 9-11. I didn't do anything. I didn't go to vigils, I didn't help the families, I didn't even really react at all. I completely didn't believe it happened. I still don't really comprehend it. I was cruelly apathetic and in a way I still am, not on purpose, but because on top of me not really absorbing it at the time 9-11 has become the dead horse that's been beaten to death in every political way. And I was in NJ for that; I could have done something. I was less than an hour's train ride away from the city. Instead, I went back to sleep and was happy I missed class that day. Bleh.

This time I feel like... once again I am strategically placed right by the major disaster. And while it doesn't make up for my gross inaction almost exactly four years ago, at least I am doing my part this time.

It also makes me wonder. I wonder where I'll be in four years (it'll be about time for me to move again). I wonder if I should warn whatever state I move to that the one adjacent to it will be hit by something of crazy proportions. Maybe one day it will be something awesome and not some tragedy.