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Look at that dude's car!

Tonight I saw a man who was living in his car. I didn't realize that, and I remarked on the fact that half of the front of his bumper was filled in with packaging tape. I thought it was kind of funny just in the way that tape is always kind of funny on a car (I knew someone who duct-taped his bumper on, he knew it was funny but what can you do).

This man had parked in the middle of the parking lot at the super market. I said it kind of loudly because I didn't realize he was sleeping in there. Now I feel really bad.

Where I live is a pretty well-off neighborhood and I don't really think about people living in their cars. I feel sheltered because I forget about these things in the struggle of putting together various events. I was at the grocery store to buy stuff for the event I am putting together somehow tomorrow. And thinking of that made me go... "look at that dude's car! It's halfway filled up with tape!" Except it wasn't just his car; it was his house. And I am an ass.


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At 8:45 AM, Blogger Aaron said...

You got spammed.

In other news, there's a Hurricane headed straight for Houston, it seems. You're a frontline blogger now. You bailin or stayin?



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