it's the bread of astronauts!



Tonight my boyfriend and I kind of went on a date. I say kind of because it was a weird date, but it was fun and interesting. Being Halloween and without candy (bad planning) I didn't want to be home. There was also this raging thunderstorm which slowed the trick-or-treating and freaked out my kitten. So we went to the Hobbit Cafe. Winnie the Pooh took us to our table and we were waited on by John Lennon. One delicious veggie enchilada and soyburger later, we were heading out for Home Depot.

Sure, I'm an exciting gal. What can I say. I love the tool section of home depot. I love the door section of Home Depot, too, and the paint section, and the lighting section. So we frolicked. I walked in and out of shower doors, being superman changing into my supersuit (but I got stuck and the helpless victim died). We went to the paint reject section and only found 3 gallons of paint, two of them being the same color. Whoever thought they would look good together on a wall was kidding himself. (or herself)

I ended up only spending $21, which is pretty great. I bought some longnose pliers, a spool of copper wire, a light switch and plate, and some rubber cement. Yay art projects and getting rid of the dimmer switch in my bedroom! My boyfriend says the reason why my lamp/fan buzzes is because of the dimmer switch, and since I don't use that feature it doesn't matter if we take it away.

Then we went to see A History of Violence, which was a really good movie. It ended abruptly but nicely, and the more I think about it the less I can think of a better way to end that movie. So that's good.

Dessert of Teddy Grahams and now time for sleep.

Our next date will probably be for my birthday, when he's making me some kosher steak fajitas and a birthday cake. I think this might be the first time I'm with my boyfriend for my birthday, and it will be the third birthday I've had since we started dating. It's a weird trade-off because I can't be with any of my Maryland friends or my family for my birthday. I guess maybe my depression in the previous entry that was deleted is the home-sickness that I haven't felt in many, many years (being that I either lived close to home or saw my parents more than once every 4+ months).

I need to start going home more often. Like I could go home for a weekend. I used to go to Houston for weekends all the time.

The only kosher meat place in town closed down last week, and the only sort-of good amusement park closed yesterday. Boo-urns. When I go home for Thanksgiving, I'm going to spend an entire day on campus and I am going to pig out at the kosher meat restaurant. It's going to be absolutely fantastical.


Hole-puncher bitemarks

My hole-puncher bit me today while I was putting together some lesson plans. Damn yooo!

So here's my new clementine layout. I did it on my website, too. Except it was a lot easier to do it on my website than in blogger because I don't know all of the little names they give for each piece of the blog. So this site will be a pain in the ass and a half to change next time. O well! Yay playing with css!

My computer is making burping noises. This thing is an antique, really (okay, not really, but it's old and I dislike it muchly).

My cat scratched my cleavage pretty badly. There is this long, dark red mark going down my chest. It sucks. It's not as painful as the bite I got from the hole-puncher.

I'm boring today.



I'm going to England. If you can't see my other two blogs you are seein it here!!

Dec 19 - 28!!!


New Arty

I thought my digital camera was broken, but it wasn't. So here's a picture of the print I am working on - it's basically just the sketch for the print, and it might not even be one print. It's going to be a black and white print and those lines won't be there like that necessarily (I needed a way to define the different degrees of black). Also, not all the outlines will be in the print, I just needed to make boundaries for the different shadings.

How did I do it, you ask. I cut a bunch of pictures out of fashion magazines, cut the pictures themselves into interesting shapes, arranged the shapes on my coffee table, and drew what I saw. I had to convert it in my mind to the very flat, black and white planar images of linocut prints, which is hard and so much fun.

I've entered two printmaking exchanges. The first one calls for 20 prints on a sheet no larger than 8x11" and there is no theme. It's due Nov 15. The second exchange is $5 and 25 prints on 4x4" paper with one extra inch to the left for binding. The theme is "freckly." So the 25 print one is neat because, if it all works out, I should be getting a book in return. :)

For people who don't know what a printmaking exchange is, the go something like this:

Someone posts on the internet: "Hey dudes, I'd like to put together an exchange. I need 20 people. Who wants to do it?" And they post it on various printmaking communities and message boards until 20 people sign up. Then they go "here's your theme, your paper size, and the due date." You then have to make as many editions of the print as people who signed up, then mail them all to the person who is coodinating it (along with postage for return shipping). Then, the person who is coordinating everything collects all the prints, divides them up so that each person gets 1 edition of each print from each printmaker in the project, and then mails them all back out. And, voila, you have 19 new prints!

The person doing the 25 print one is actually binding them all into books because, well, she is possibly a lunatic. There are 20 people signed up to do that one, so the other 5 will be submitted to galleries as collaborative printmaking works. Very exciting.

Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of my work is. I just feel the need to do these things, I feel like I'm supposed to keep doing them. At some point, perhaps I will find a purpose besides making useless objects. What is the use of art besides meditation? I feel like I should be out to change the world, but instead I'm just trying to make things.



I've been floating on the wind the past few days. My boyfriend has been out of town since last Sunday so I've been going out and seeing where the breeze takes me. Not very far, because I usually end up at home in time for bed... I'm a nerd, but I am also the caretaker for quite a zoo of animals.

Last night I decided I didn't want to be alone for Shabbat, so I went to Hillel for dinner. Not services, though, because their services are way too Reform for my comfort. So I showed up and hung out with a couple of people I knew for about an hour and a half. Dinner was over, I was invited to a movie, so I went. Just like that. Poof.

This may not seem remarkable to you, but this is a vast improvement over my attitude for the last 3 years. I was a hopeless hermit. It was very sad.

Anyway. Today, I went to services and sat by someone I know a little but not a lot. I ended up getting to know her a lot better. It's nice to have friends in services, because the services are so big and it can be overwhelming. It's also nice to whisper about people - what's going on this week?
oh, it's so-and-so's uffruf

I know, I'm so exciting you can barely contain yourself.

But after services I came home and cleaned all the animals' habitats, ate lunch, then headed out with my roommate for some bonding time. We went downtown to the Bayou City Art Festival, which was ok. Most of the work on display was unoriginal and uninteresting. A lot of it was overpriced. But! There were a few very cool things, still mostly overpriced or just way out of my price range, but inspiringly interesting. Most of them were experiments with photography. I guess my main boredom was the apparent lack of experimentation in most of the work on display/for sale.

Afterwards we walked over to the Angelika Film Centre because, as I had found out the previous night, they were having a SilverScreams Festival. So my roommate and I decided to go see Frankenstein. You bought a ticket for the day's worth of movies, but we got there at 5pm, and I could only really watch one of the movies due to my psychological issues with horor flicks. Frankenstein (from 1931) was very cool to see.

Psychological issues with horror flicks, you say?

I can't separate reality from fiction. If a movie is sufficiently scary, I can't stop being scared days, sometimes weeks, after the movie is over. It's a general anxiety feeling, where I'm afraid to close my eyes in the shower or sleep with the closet door open. Or walk from the car to my apt late at night by myself. It's really bad and I have no techniques to getting over it, so I limit my exposure to scary things. (even though I love to be scared so badly! It's not fair)

Tomorrow it's back to work for me. Maybe I'll go to the Greek Festival afterwards, but who knows.


The Evacuation

I have a couple of things to write about since I last blogged here, but the problem is that I want to write something thoughtful, and I was out of town again this past weekend.

So here is an unedited write-up of the evacuation and all the good stuff.



Late Wednesday morning I woke up, checked my email, and argued with another one of the youth group advisors about the price of the bus. We had been having this bus drama for more than a week at that point. It was ridiculous. I called the secretary at work and told her that I was going to be late because I was working at home at first, making calls and answering emails.

I turned on the TV for some background noise. The news. I flipped the channel. More news. News, news, news. The beginning of the 4-day news marathon was full of cameras positioned strategically on the highways and I could see the traffic was already piling up. I thought, wow, they are evacuating. I became transfixed.

My roommate came home at 1pm and I had still not showered or dressed, being hypnotized by the television as I was. She said they let everyone out of Baytown early so they could evacuate - for those who don't know, Baytown is where a lot of offices for a lot of different oil companies are, specifically ExxonMobile in this case. She said she had a flight for 6am Thursday. We sat and watched the news together, getting more and more nervous, until finally she just packed up her stuff and left. She said she was nervous because of the traffic, and even if she gets to the airport super early she could just sleep in her car or in the airport. She left literally 13 hours early for her flight. At this point, you just didn't know how bad the traffic was going to get, and in which direction it would be worse.

The internet cut out.

I heard a knock at the door. The girls downstairs host the internet that I use and they were letting me know that they were evacuating. They said they had a case of water I could use if I was sticking around, then they gave me the water and got the hell out of dodge. (That phrase came up so many times I couldn't count)

I called my boyfriend and told him I was freaking out. I said I wanted to go to Dallas. I said, if we don't leave now, we might not be able to get out later. He said, let's wait until Friday. He told me to start getting supplies and he would stop off on his way home from work.

I called work and found out I was off the hook in terms of teaching class that night, so I ate, showered, and left for Target. There was very little left that was usable. I took what I could and left.

On the way home there was an unexplanable back-up on the road. The light was green but we weren't moving. I managed to scoot around to see what the issue was: people were lining up at the gas stations because some of them were already out of gas. I thought, hmmm... maybe I should fill up? Nah...

My boyfriend came over and we decided that from now on we would drive only his car, since my car gets better mileage in case we had to evacuate later on. We went to the grocery store in time for a new shipment of water, but we were alerted that this was the last shipment. We took two cases, although there was no limit. We took veggies, canned beans (there were very little cans left of anything), juice, pasta, etc. I bought some shower curtains and cables to try to cover some of my furniture because I was sure the windows would blow in and everything would get soaked.

We headed back to my apartment to watch some movies and hopefully not freak out the rest of the night.


We woke up early to make one last trip to the grocery store. They were closing at 3pm so we wanted to see if there were any new shipments. We also stopped off at Walgreens and other stores in the area, seeing if we could find flashlights, radios, or anything else. Of course we waited until the last minute to do all of this so we didn't have any supplies. Luckily, we passed his neighbors as we were going back to his place later who said they would let us borrow a flashlight with brand new batteries.

When we got back to my apartment, we began preparing the place for the possibility of the windows blowing in. We pushed furniture against the wall, covered it with shower curtains, put valuables in the closet in boxes. Then I packed up the animals and we went to my boyfriend's place.

We cleared out his closet to be our shelter and I started putting things in there like flashlights, radios, animal food, and water. We taped and boarded up most of his windows and then made dinner. I suggested we start to cook some of the meat in his freezer so that if the power goes out we can still eat some of it (cooked meat lasts longer than raw when the refrigeration dies - plus, you can put cooked meat in the freezer to stay cool). So we had chicken and salad and a bottle of wine.

At midnight my boyfriend was checking the weather and traffic reports and freaked out. He decided it was a good idea to evacuate. I didn't care either way, but if we were going to get out then we had to get out immediately. In less than an hour we were packed up and on the road.


It was 2:30am by the time we were on the road. The highways were eerily empty. As we got farther from the city we began to see cars abandoned on the side of the road and I felt kind of like I was in a zombie movie. The longer we drove, the more cars we saw. We didn't hit any traffic until 41 miles out of the city, where we were going at a speed of about .1 mile every 10-15minutes.

At one point we had to take a bathroom break. The problem was that we were going so slowly we had to just pull off to the side of the road and pee in the grass. But because it was so late and I didn't want to be alone in the woods nor did I want the car to be left alone, I had to pee right next to the car as well. I've never peed in such a public arena. I opened the car door and turned off the interior lights and had my boyfriend hold up a towel to shield me on the other side. We also let Lilly pee - I took her out, shoved her in her litter box, kept her in there until I heard her scratching her litter over her pee or poop or whatever, and then put her back in her carrier.

We got to the ranch at about 5am. First, we pulled into the wrong driveway. It was this rickety old white house with two dogs lounging around out front. My cell phone had died so I was asking my boyfriend to call to make sure it was their house while he was just nonchalantly walking up to the front door. It was like in a horror movie. Luckily nobody answered the door and we quickly got back into the car and found the right ranch.

I'm kind of tired of typing this out, but just to sum it up.. the ranch was beautiful. I saw armadillos and gigantic catfish. My boyfriend's advisor's wife is a potter who had some linoleum and woodcut tools for a random reason so I was doing some work while I was there. She also gave me a book on lithography to read. They had 3 fat cats and two disobedient dogs. There was no rain and very little wind and I made flatbread on a tortilla press. The end.