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I've been floating on the wind the past few days. My boyfriend has been out of town since last Sunday so I've been going out and seeing where the breeze takes me. Not very far, because I usually end up at home in time for bed... I'm a nerd, but I am also the caretaker for quite a zoo of animals.

Last night I decided I didn't want to be alone for Shabbat, so I went to Hillel for dinner. Not services, though, because their services are way too Reform for my comfort. So I showed up and hung out with a couple of people I knew for about an hour and a half. Dinner was over, I was invited to a movie, so I went. Just like that. Poof.

This may not seem remarkable to you, but this is a vast improvement over my attitude for the last 3 years. I was a hopeless hermit. It was very sad.

Anyway. Today, I went to services and sat by someone I know a little but not a lot. I ended up getting to know her a lot better. It's nice to have friends in services, because the services are so big and it can be overwhelming. It's also nice to whisper about people - what's going on this week?
oh, it's so-and-so's uffruf

I know, I'm so exciting you can barely contain yourself.

But after services I came home and cleaned all the animals' habitats, ate lunch, then headed out with my roommate for some bonding time. We went downtown to the Bayou City Art Festival, which was ok. Most of the work on display was unoriginal and uninteresting. A lot of it was overpriced. But! There were a few very cool things, still mostly overpriced or just way out of my price range, but inspiringly interesting. Most of them were experiments with photography. I guess my main boredom was the apparent lack of experimentation in most of the work on display/for sale.

Afterwards we walked over to the Angelika Film Centre because, as I had found out the previous night, they were having a SilverScreams Festival. So my roommate and I decided to go see Frankenstein. You bought a ticket for the day's worth of movies, but we got there at 5pm, and I could only really watch one of the movies due to my psychological issues with horor flicks. Frankenstein (from 1931) was very cool to see.

Psychological issues with horror flicks, you say?

I can't separate reality from fiction. If a movie is sufficiently scary, I can't stop being scared days, sometimes weeks, after the movie is over. It's a general anxiety feeling, where I'm afraid to close my eyes in the shower or sleep with the closet door open. Or walk from the car to my apt late at night by myself. It's really bad and I have no techniques to getting over it, so I limit my exposure to scary things. (even though I love to be scared so badly! It's not fair)

Tomorrow it's back to work for me. Maybe I'll go to the Greek Festival afterwards, but who knows.


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have an easy fast my friend


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