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Tonight my boyfriend and I kind of went on a date. I say kind of because it was a weird date, but it was fun and interesting. Being Halloween and without candy (bad planning) I didn't want to be home. There was also this raging thunderstorm which slowed the trick-or-treating and freaked out my kitten. So we went to the Hobbit Cafe. Winnie the Pooh took us to our table and we were waited on by John Lennon. One delicious veggie enchilada and soyburger later, we were heading out for Home Depot.

Sure, I'm an exciting gal. What can I say. I love the tool section of home depot. I love the door section of Home Depot, too, and the paint section, and the lighting section. So we frolicked. I walked in and out of shower doors, being superman changing into my supersuit (but I got stuck and the helpless victim died). We went to the paint reject section and only found 3 gallons of paint, two of them being the same color. Whoever thought they would look good together on a wall was kidding himself. (or herself)

I ended up only spending $21, which is pretty great. I bought some longnose pliers, a spool of copper wire, a light switch and plate, and some rubber cement. Yay art projects and getting rid of the dimmer switch in my bedroom! My boyfriend says the reason why my lamp/fan buzzes is because of the dimmer switch, and since I don't use that feature it doesn't matter if we take it away.

Then we went to see A History of Violence, which was a really good movie. It ended abruptly but nicely, and the more I think about it the less I can think of a better way to end that movie. So that's good.

Dessert of Teddy Grahams and now time for sleep.

Our next date will probably be for my birthday, when he's making me some kosher steak fajitas and a birthday cake. I think this might be the first time I'm with my boyfriend for my birthday, and it will be the third birthday I've had since we started dating. It's a weird trade-off because I can't be with any of my Maryland friends or my family for my birthday. I guess maybe my depression in the previous entry that was deleted is the home-sickness that I haven't felt in many, many years (being that I either lived close to home or saw my parents more than once every 4+ months).

I need to start going home more often. Like I could go home for a weekend. I used to go to Houston for weekends all the time.

The only kosher meat place in town closed down last week, and the only sort-of good amusement park closed yesterday. Boo-urns. When I go home for Thanksgiving, I'm going to spend an entire day on campus and I am going to pig out at the kosher meat restaurant. It's going to be absolutely fantastical.


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