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Hole-puncher bitemarks

My hole-puncher bit me today while I was putting together some lesson plans. Damn yooo!

So here's my new clementine layout. I did it on my website, too. Except it was a lot easier to do it on my website than in blogger because I don't know all of the little names they give for each piece of the blog. So this site will be a pain in the ass and a half to change next time. O well! Yay playing with css!

My computer is making burping noises. This thing is an antique, really (okay, not really, but it's old and I dislike it muchly).

My cat scratched my cleavage pretty badly. There is this long, dark red mark going down my chest. It sucks. It's not as painful as the bite I got from the hole-puncher.

I'm boring today.


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