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New Arty

I thought my digital camera was broken, but it wasn't. So here's a picture of the print I am working on - it's basically just the sketch for the print, and it might not even be one print. It's going to be a black and white print and those lines won't be there like that necessarily (I needed a way to define the different degrees of black). Also, not all the outlines will be in the print, I just needed to make boundaries for the different shadings.

How did I do it, you ask. I cut a bunch of pictures out of fashion magazines, cut the pictures themselves into interesting shapes, arranged the shapes on my coffee table, and drew what I saw. I had to convert it in my mind to the very flat, black and white planar images of linocut prints, which is hard and so much fun.

I've entered two printmaking exchanges. The first one calls for 20 prints on a sheet no larger than 8x11" and there is no theme. It's due Nov 15. The second exchange is $5 and 25 prints on 4x4" paper with one extra inch to the left for binding. The theme is "freckly." So the 25 print one is neat because, if it all works out, I should be getting a book in return. :)

For people who don't know what a printmaking exchange is, the go something like this:

Someone posts on the internet: "Hey dudes, I'd like to put together an exchange. I need 20 people. Who wants to do it?" And they post it on various printmaking communities and message boards until 20 people sign up. Then they go "here's your theme, your paper size, and the due date." You then have to make as many editions of the print as people who signed up, then mail them all to the person who is coodinating it (along with postage for return shipping). Then, the person who is coordinating everything collects all the prints, divides them up so that each person gets 1 edition of each print from each printmaker in the project, and then mails them all back out. And, voila, you have 19 new prints!

The person doing the 25 print one is actually binding them all into books because, well, she is possibly a lunatic. There are 20 people signed up to do that one, so the other 5 will be submitted to galleries as collaborative printmaking works. Very exciting.

Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of my work is. I just feel the need to do these things, I feel like I'm supposed to keep doing them. At some point, perhaps I will find a purpose besides making useless objects. What is the use of art besides meditation? I feel like I should be out to change the world, but instead I'm just trying to make things.


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At 10:00 PM, Blogger Aaron said...

I guess I'm out trying to change the world, but in all honesty, I wish I had the time to just make things, like short stories and screenplays and mosaics and web pages...its about balance m'dear.


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