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32 verses of Torah

Is it awful that my cat pisses me off with her incessant whining? Is it awful that instead of enjoying her company, sometimes I just want her to shut up? I don't think this is awful because I felt this way about other animals who just won't shut the crap up. She just doesn't stop whining. All. The time. I'm trying to ignore her whining and only pay attention to her when she's quiet, but it's hard. I tried, when she whined particularly loud, to pick her up and play with her annoyingly in a way that I know she doesn't like so that she thinks that this is the way that I react to her bellowing. Didn't work.

Tonight she scratched me really hard because she wanted to play, but because I am sleepy and cranky I kind of got pissed off. And my reaction was to calmly sit down, restrain her, and clip her toenails. I clipped almost all of the nails on her front toes and she was pretty still throughout it all, and then I let her go.

I guess that's a good reaction to that situation. I felt satisfied anyway. Becuase next time she scratches at me to play, it won't hurt, and I won't get pissed off.

Now she doesn't really want anything to do with me and that's okay for tonight. I kind of want my space. Tomorrow is another day.

I spent a lot of time at work doing things I should have waited until tomorrow to do. But I'm the kind of person who puts off for tomorrow what could be done today, and these things had been put off so many times for work that I just sat down and did them already. But now I feel guilty. So I'll probably be going in tomorrow for work. Damnitoll.

Not that anyone cares, as long as something gets done.

I'm reading 32 verses of Torah for a teen retreat that I am staffing in 6 weeks.

Thanksgiving vacation was good, but I am glad to be back in sunny warm Houston. I played Mahj tonight, hung out with the girls that I kind of know but still don't know that well, and watched taped Lost. I kind of like that show because it's getting predictable in its unpredictableness. I totalled called what happened between Sawyer and Kate, which was completely uncallable from the information they gave you in the trailer. But I called it. Because it was outlandish.

I'm not afraid to read the 32 verses, but I've never had more than 12 at a time. Luckily I have six weeks to learn them. Unluckily, I know I will wait until the week before and they will be craptacular.

But I really need for them to be good because until now everyone has only heard of my mysterious Torah-reading abilities. I put it on my resume. So it has to be good.

My cat is amusing herself and staying relatively quiet so I'm going to bed.


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