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Good night, y'all.

Random snipplets of my life:

- tonight I made 5 fingers and 25 eyes out of copper wire. And three paperclips [that are being used as paperclips and will be distributed as paperclips - ah my art reaches the masses] and a little wire cat. out of copper wire.

- I'm obsessed with a 30sec movie called "Rock Deception" made by 6th graders that no longer exists to the world but in my head.

- I was offered a free cat today.

- My bedtime ritual makes me want to go to bed about as much as my wake-up ritual makes me want to wake up.

- I'm playing softball on Thursday for "Crude Intentions" but I've never played in my life and I don't know how to play catch.

- RenFest on Saturday with people I only know through my boyfriend, except my boyfriend won't be there.

- I discovered riding around in golf carts at midnight is one of the most fun things to do sober.

- I went to the hospital for the first time since my brother was born. I saw a man with blood all over himself, bleeding from the head. I saw people hooked up to machines. I heard lots of rhythmic beeping. I was freaked out.

- My new obsession is polaroid photos.

- I hate wearing a stud in my nose because sometimes it feels like there's a booger in there but really it's just the back of the stud tickling my nostril. I hate it. I'm going to change to a hoop for when I go home for a week.

- I'm looking forward to being at home only slightly more than I am looking forward to doing my bedtime ritual. The only plus is that I get to see my friends, but that's only if they actually keep their plans with me. Part of the reason I'm dreading going home is that I'm dreading making plans with people who flake out on me when I only have 2 days to see everyone.

- I haven't done as much art work as I would have liked to have done at this point.

- I haven't been to as many gallery openings as I would have liked to at this point.

- I'm not homesick anymore, but I still feel lonely here.

- At least I'm not the only one who gets ridiculously annoyed at []. But luckily my irritation was confirmed, my fears were validated, and I can move on with my life without feeling like I'm overreacting.

Good night y'all.


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