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New Print Twedsday

So for my printmaking exchange where I had to do 10 editions of a print, I decided to combine two old blocks (since I hadn't started on a new one and I have to mail them off by Friday). So here it is.

I think it looks neat. It almost looks like they were meant to be together.

Also, I have a really cute photo of my cat and my boyfriend.

I just have to send that around because I love that photo so much. I think I might get it printed so I can put it in a frame n stuff. My cat is huge. She's between 7 and 8 pounds and she's only six months old. She's not even fat. She's also a ham. Strike a pose.

And what can I say, I like the hairy dudes. Although he hasn't had a haircut in almost a month and it's getting all shaggy and not-so-wonderful. Although I guess it's hard to find a Jewish guy who isn't hairy, so it's a good thing I like the hairyness (chest hair did surprise me the first time I saw it though, being that I dated the goyim for a while before this one).

Work is full of unnecessary drama. It's almost getting to the point where I hate to go into the building. It doesn't help that my office is a terrible mess. It doesn't help that I kind of feel at odds with everyone ever that I come across. Where I hate to check my voicemail because I know it's going to be this ridiculous "OMG TZIPI EMERGENCY CALLMEBACKRIGHTNOW KTHNX" thing, where it's really not an emergency, where everyone knows I hate the phone and never really return calls unless it's to parents...

I had to send out an unfortunate letter to my collegues today telling them to stop undermining my authority in front of the kids. I'm sure they're laughing at me behind my back. Or maybe that's just paranoia. Maybe I need more of that paranoia because I thought everything was fine until I got reports from the kids that they were trashing me behind my back. I'm trying to get over that obsessive "everyone's talking behind my back" crap that I had all through high school... but I think the fact is that people are talking behind my back. Everyone talks behind other people's backs. I mean, hell, I do it. But I try to do it without mentioning names or really specific circumstances (ie: so that I can vent the general idea without technically crossing the line into some serious lshon hara. But it's a technicality. I should have been a rabbi.

I'm sleepy which is why this doesn't make sense. I just wanted to post the pictures.

It's after midnight so it's not Tuesday but it doesn't really count as Wednesday yet. Twedsday.


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